About Us

BeaufortBaby.com is an online tool developed by the Pathways to Parenthood Coalition by Together for Beaufort County (T4BC). This tool is to help educate local women and families about the importance of prenatal care in Beaufort County. We care about the health of you and your baby. We want to make sure you both grow healthy and stay healthy.


With the help of the March of Dimes and our local community partners, we are striving to provide you with the best local information and resources you need to to help you take care of yourself and your child through your pregnancy.

Together for Beaufort County (T4BC) is a community-wide process that includes research and dissemination of community indicators, a celebration of positive trends indicating improvement in quality-of-life, identification of negative trends and implementation of corrective interventions, and recurring evaluation in relation to a shared community vision for Beaufort County.


Together for Beaufort is a community-wide collaborative process to identify and address specific issues confronting the citizens of Beaufort County. It further develops a series of indicators that will allow us, together, to monitor progress as we address these issues. Much of the data to support our claims is obtained from the records of various public and private organizations.


What is Together for Beaufort County (T4BC)?
The project Together for Beaufort County, sponsored by the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance, was intended to be a community-indicators-project, that would allow all Beaufort County residents to work together in their efforts to improve quality-of-life.


The Together for Beaufort County (T4BC) process is a community-wide effort to prepare a better future for our citizens. In 2005, public, private and nonprofit agencies, along with interested citizens from throughout the county, teamed up to implement a process to establish clear goals by which progress can be measured. The resulting goals describe aspirational qualities for Beaufort County’s people and families, the communities and the environment we share. Progress toward each of the goals will be measured by multiple community indicators.


We continue to encourage public, private, nonprofit and faith organizations to form collaborations that will address these challenges. Together we can address gaps in the systems, build efficiencies, gain understanding and address our collective responsibilities to the community we share.


This website is a mechanism designed in collaboration with the Beaufort County Human Services Alliance and other partners to leverage and mobilize cross-sector community action groups (Coalitions) to achieve goals aligned with the vision.  Coalitions are granted the following privileges for committing to Together for Beaufort County.  

Together for Beaufort County abides by the following Guiding Principles:

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  • Inclusiveness
  • Collaboration
  • Community Engagement
  • Appreciative Inquiry / Asset Approach
  • Clear Communication


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  • Clear and Actionable Data
  • Evidence-Based or Best Practices
  • Evaluation
  • Shared Results
  • Commit to and Trust the Process